Our parent company, ADM, is well-recognized as one of the largest agricultural processing companies in the world. Its subsidiary, ADMIS provides producers, manufacturers, traders and speculators with unprecedented access to and information about the world's most important commodity markets.

As a clearing member of the major exchanges trading agricultural futures around the world, ADMIS provides up to the minute data and immediate access to the world's markets for agricultural products. These include the soybean, soy oil, soy meal, palm oil, corn, wheat, sugar, coffee, cocoa, rubber and cotton markets, traded both electronically and by open outcry.

ADMIS is also proud of the comprehensive research and breaking news on agricultural products it provides to its customers. In the world of agricultural products, ADMIS is not only a clearing and brokerage intermediate, but also a participant committed to serving our clients' best interests from their point of view. Institutions that utilize agricultural futures and options markets in global trading and risk management can benefit from ADMIS' long-standing relationships with a growing network of agricultural producers, processors, suppliers, institutional hedgers and traders.

Key Futures Products:

Corn, Wheat, Soybeans, Oats, Rough Rice, Cotton


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