Base Metal

Base Metal

Our sister company, ADM Investor Services International, is a clearing member of London Metal Exchange (LME), known as one of the key future exchange on base metals. Leveraging the resources and capabilities, we could provide the reassurance of exceptional trading service that clients are looking for.

In the face of the market price fluctuation in metal industry, our clients could always protect their revenue through futures or options trading that we provide. With over 20 years of success in hedging base metals for clients, we have an enviable team of seasoned market professionals who have the expertise in analyzing the market trend and provide clients with dynamic trading strategies across various base metals futures contracts.

  • Offer instant hedging solution in response to market changes
  • Provide LME warrant receipt for physical delivery
  • Futures contract and Over the Counter (OTC) trading
  • Daily in-depth market analysis by a team of LME metal specialist


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