Corporate Client

Corporate Client

We have assisted different commercial traders, exporters to hedge against their risk by providing futures/options trading solutions and risk management strategies since 1994. Our team of experts, consisting of specialists in futures and options are committed to providing clients the most comprehensive research everyday, also, our dedicated account manager who will assist you to analyze the market situation and provide you with professional hedging advice.

Reasons For Choosing Us:

  • Strong corporate background, parent company is Archer Daniel's Midland which is Fortune 500, affiliate has more than 80 years corporate history in London
  • Customer funds are fully segregated and maintained in complete compliance with our industry's regulations
  • Dealing room service which supports Cantonese, Mandarin and English
  • All our analysts are well-trained and provide hedging solution and market research
  • Never engage in proprietary tradingIn futures trading, we offer physical delivery for LME trading
  • With almost 20 years in corporate trading in Asia markets
  • We have independent research team in US, which delivers Bilingual Pre-Market Opening Research daily


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